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Sclerotherapy Treatment Lexington KY

In Case Of Vascular Problems…

Both men and women will meet some problems in the future, due to their age. However, these problems are different, not only because of gender but because both men and women live different lives and every single one person comes with a different background. We want to dedicate this article to women who have visible veins on their legs, and we want to talk more about what is the cause of these varicose and spider veins that are not only aesthetical problems.

Sclerotherapy Treatment Lexington KY

If you are in your late forties, and you already can see varicose or spider veins spreading across your legs, then you are a perfect patient for sclerotherapy treatment Lexington KY. If you take a look at your family, and your mother or aunt or grandmother suffers from this condition, then the chances that you will suffer as well are high. However, since you are not descendant directly from your mother, you also have your father’s genes, so if females from his family do not suffer from varicose veins, then there are also chances that you will not suffer from varicose veins. If you spend all day on your legs, then the circulation in your legs slows down, and that solely thickens the wall of veins.

Often, we have patients who say that their legs do not hurt, and this is just an esthetical problem for them, but also, we have patients who have real problems due to overwhelming pain because of varicose and spider veins. Either way, if there is a solution to a problem, then you should appreciate it and use it!